The aim of neuropsychological assessment is treatment.

The key question of an assessment is which brain mechanisms are involved? How do they impact on functioning and what can be done?

Assessment provides a cognitive profile of strengths and difficulties, and together with my knowledge on brain development, we tailor a remediation package which considers the child, the school, and the home environment. Specific strategies are then put in place. These may include completing work-sheets or playing certain computer games (oh yes, we do that too!). Specific learning strategies, adaptations in the classroom, one-on-one psychotherapy or family therapy may all form part of remediation.

I believe that a blanket approach to remediation does not work as it may miss the point completely in terms of your child’s brain! It may consolidate a specific action but may not transfer to other skills. This often serves to reinforce low self-esteem and poor confidence.

The purpose of remediation is to empower your child!  I believe that helping a young person to take control of their worlds through understanding their own brains and experiences are key to success.

Importantly, I work closely with physios, OT’s, psychiatrists and paediatricians in this regard. I will also liaise with educational psychologists where some school-based testing may have occurred.

Remember, the point of assessment is treatment: What cannot be fixed can be supported!