Neuropsychology or cognitive assessments are to investigate learning or developmental concerns associated with a known neurodevelopmental issue, such as ADHD, Dyslexia, or Aspergers Syndrome for example. Or your child may have had a brain-injury or health condition affecting brain functions, such as epilepsy, encephalitis, or meningitis and you are concerned about its impact on your child’s learning and development.

Alternatively you may suspect an unidentified learning difficulty but are not sure where to go?

Neuropsychological assessments are useful for both diagnosis and treatment of underlying learning concerns. They are more comprehensive then standard school-based assessments and tries to establish, not only whether there is a problem, but why the problem exist, what brain mechanisms are involved and how it can be treated. The focus of assessment is thus treatment.

Assessments usually take 2-4 hours and are only recommended if there are valid and real concerns about a child’s cognitive functioning.