Adolescent Coaching

Adolescence and early adulthood can be a time of great turmoil and difficulty, with parents often not knowing what is “normal” and when to be concerned!

The adolescent brain undergoes enormous changes between the ages of 14 – 21, and with the added hormonal and physical changes, it is no surprise that it can be tough for all parties involved.

As a consequence of working with a large number of adolescents in the NHS and in private practise, I have developed a six-session adolescent coaching package. These sessions use the latest neuroscience research on adolescent brain development and integrates this with solution-focused, existential and depth psychology to assist young people to consider, reflect and take ownership of their lives.

Experience has shown that the turmoil of adolescence provide a wonderful opportunity to intervene. The brain is in flux and thoughts, beliefs and ideas about the world can be reworked. A range of new abilities come on line: problem-solving, self-reflection and self-awareness – these are all important psychological tools.

I believe that by harnessing  a young person’s resourcefulness, by working with their increased capacity for self-awareness, their ability to think about the future and feel anxiety about “being in this world” means that great work can be done psychologically. Sometimes what is needed is a deep and rich conversation about the self and the challenge of increased independence and autonomy.

These six sessions are not a cure, but often helps a young person going through turmoil to re-establish themselves, and to reconsider self-defeating behaviours, beliefs or thinking patterns before they become established as part of a habitual repertoire.