Play Therapy

Play therapy is a particular form of therapy that uses play to engage children and adolescents to explore their psychological worlds. It is a powerful therapy to uncover the hidden motives, patterns and conflicts that may impact on behaviour, mood and coping. It is the job of the therapist to interpret those patterns in a way that helps a person move forward. Often interpretations may not even be needed as the PROCESS of play alone, when occurring in a safe environment, can help children to work through conflicts, fears, and unresolved anxieties. This is why children naturally play and why play is so important in children’s psychological development.

Dr Jana Lazarus, my friend and colleague is a highly recommended play therapist who practice on Saturday in Kalk Bay. Her practice is in the Main Road, in a beautiful room overlooking the ocean. She sees children of all ages, doing play and drawing with the younger ones, while offering talking therapy with teens. She’s contracted into medical aid and will submit for you if needed.

Contact her on and see more about her services on the Facebook Page below.

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